Tell the true story of a small team of tactical engineers building autonomous aircraft to rapidly contain wildfire ignitions, solving the wildfire crisis that threatens lives, livelihoods, and communities in California and around the world.
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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Every wildfire starts small. Rain contains wildfires within 10 minutes of ignition using a network of autonomous aircraft permanently installed throughout high-risk regions. We are fire sprinklers for the forest.

We are now embarking on a flight test campaign to test our next-generation MK2 autonomous aircraft. 

Rain is seeking a motivated, visionary, multi-disciplinary cinematographer to become embedded with our team during the upcoming flight test campaign of our next-generation aircraft. The right candidate must rapidly adapt to changing plans, travel with our team wherever necessary to complete objectives, and maintain a positive attitude in austere conditions regardless of the time of day or night.

Rain is backed by the expertise of wildland fire professionals and the institutional and private capital of Silicon Valley leaders. We are solving our own problem.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Working with Rain leadership to envision and capture stories during flight test operations
  • End-to-end creative responsibility for planning, capturing, editing, mixing, grading, and titling content
  • Rapidly producing short updates to document progress, often on a daily cadence 
  • Planning and carefully crafting multi-week projects
  • Designing and implementing efficient content pipelines and workflows 
  • Acquiring media release permission from participating individuals
  • Setting up and packing  equipment such as cameras, audio recorders, lighting, and microphones
  • Ensuring that necessary equipment is present and working. Troubleshooting as necessary.

Technical skills required:

  • Master storyteller  
  • Storyboarding
  • Framing and shot composition
  • Multi-camera production
  • Color grading
  • Broad experience with cameras and audio recording equipment 
  • Deep proficiency with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects 

Other qualifications:

  • Self-motivated, self-directed and goal-oriented
  • Must be able to rapidly and clearly express ideas. Excellent communication and collaboration skills. 
  • Must maintain a positive attitude despite changing plans, conditions, locations, and testing hours 
  • Values organized workflows

This will be an in-person, contract role. You will be embedded with our team for the duration of a flight testing campaign.

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